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Zamojski kwartalnik kulturalny online dating

Prosimy o wypełnienie krótkiej ankiety, która pomoże nam zmodernizować stronę. pytań, a jej wypełnienie powinno zająć około 10 minut.

Z wyrazami szacunku, Zespół PBL Na tej stronie masz moliwo przeszukania bazy danych z zapisami bibliograficznymi wprowadzonymi do aktualnie opracowywanego rocznika.

Materia ten jest materiaem roboczym, przed redakcj rocznika i jego korekt.

Moe by niekompletny i zawiera pewne niecisoci, ktre zostan poprawione w procesie redakcji rocznika za zebraniu caego materiau.

The imperial order appears to be productive for the EU, due to it easily embraces the heterogeneity existing within the Union, as well as contributes to the strengthening of the EU institutional legitimacy and efficiency in global governance.

The ongoing EU transformations, promoted by the German-French lobby and supported by the authorities in Brussels, are indirectly leading to the emergence of an imperial structure, which is secured by a soft power, instead of a rule of sword.

The article addresses current trends in the European transformation and compares the structure which is being built to ancient and medieval empires.

Taking all this into account, an attempt is made to define the role of Poland, the largest post-2004 enlargement state, in the new structure.

To make this attempt sufficient a brief analysis of current Polish foreign policy and economic growth is provided.

Ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, had not only had political desires but had also tried to engage in active politics.

But after a big frustration, especially with the trial of Socrates, he turned away from politics and criticized the political phenomena of his own time under the name of democracy.

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