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Posted by / 13-Dec-2017 18:47

Windows 7 clients not updating dns

Make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet, then try to update the driver as below.8) Windows Update Doing the Windows update may bring the improvement and fix the network related bugs.It also improves the data transfer speed over the network.Disabling autotuning in Windows 7 and 10 are very similar to Windows vista method.

Sometimes keeping IPv6 on your computer may slow down network by trying to register IPv6 addresses, or trying to get IPv6 address, or trying to resolve IPv6. Since we have not started using IPv6 addressing scheme in most of the LAN and WAN, it is recommended to remove it.This will avoid your computer to try broken or changed DNS records from cache.To clear DNS cache, open Command prompt as administrator and type 5) Disable Wireless Network and any additional (including Virtual) network adapters.If it’s enabled, Windows 7 computer will be trying to connect available wireless networks around you.Also if you have installed any desktop virtualization sofware, you would find few virtual network adapters on your computer.

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Since Windows 10 update can check for latest drivers as well, checking and doing the Windows update will do the both jobs and can solve your network slow problem.