Who is josh kelley dating two months of dating now what

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I think honestly, that we just are really good friends.I think this is the first relationship where I've felt like my partner's more than just my lover, if you will, and is a friend as well.“Just found these amazing fall critter plates at Pier 1,” she captioned the photo below. December 2007 - Present Katherine and Josh got married in Park City, Utah after dating for two years."I felt like, ' Oh man, did I screw up by saying I don't know?' But I don't know why everything has to have a stamp on it.

“We knew some of the same people and had some friends in common,” the Grey’s Anatomy alum explained on The Late Late Show February 14.

Katherine Heigl is baring it all with her directorial debut.

The 37-year-old actress strips down to her undies alongside her husband, singer-songwriter Josh Kelley, in the new project, but the couple is also getting candid about a rough patch in their marriage. ) in 'Jackie & Ryan' Only ET was on the set of Kelley's music video for his new single, "It's Your Move," where the singer’s wife directed and co-starred."I think it was a year or two after we first got married, we got into our first real big fight.

One of those, like, really, really serious fights," Kelley says of the song's inspiration."No one cheated, no one did anything that was an absolute game-ender," Heigl adds.

"It was just that we were starting to forget that we were supposed to be on each other's sides. And I won't lie, there was probably a little bit too much drinking going on, and so then the fights escalate and the miscommunication and the hurt feelings."The couple recalls the fight as "a healthy one," and now the song is featured on Kelley's forthcoming full-length album, Two years later, in December 2007, the pair made it official and tied the knot.

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