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But what about users who keep it friendly on the app, then post racist memes on 4chan or Twitter?Both Bumble and Ok Cupid say they employ moderators who evaluate user reports on a case-by-case basis; el-Effendi said Bumble would probably “take action” against a user who was posting content that could make Bumble users feel unsafe, even if that content was on a different platform.had waged on the company, encouraging its readers to harass the staff of Bumble in order to protest the company’s public support of women’s empowerment.(Only women, not men, can make the first move on the app.) “At that point, we realized that there’s a larger conversation to be had here about not wanting these people in our app,” said Alex Williamson el-Effendi, Bumble’s vice president of brand content.There are men who get angry if they don’t get an immediate response to a message, then resort to flinging racial slurs at the women they were trying to woo mere hours before.(Both Skeiky and Humphrey have been called variations on the N-word for this reason.) Some sites also have a diversity problem—and when most of the available matches are white, a platform can start to feel like a hostile dating environment.Still, the line between a white supremacist and a white person who tells Ok Cupid they think there’s a correlation between race and intelligence is quite blurry.

After the neo-Nazi attack, Bumble contacted the Anti-Defamation League for help identifying hate symbols and rooting out users who include them in their Bumble profiles.Now, the employees who respond to user reports have the ADL’s glossary of hate symbols as a guide to telltale signs of hate-group membership, and any profile with language from the glossary will get flagged as potentially problematic.The platform has also added the Confederate flag to its list of prohibited images.The online dating site announced the decision via Twitter and followed up by tweeting that “there is no room for hate in a place where you’re looking for love.” The site also asked users to report anyone who appears to be involved in a hate group.Chief executive Elie Seidman gave a statement to Gizmodo saying, “Ok Cupid has zero tolerance for racism.

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