Not mind accommodating latecomers

Posted by / 09-Oct-2017 09:38

On the one hand, commuting in our area can be unpredictable; traffic, mass transit, weather, all play their part in turning a typical 30-minute commute into an hour and a half battle.

On the other hand, the people who are late are chronically late, and always for the same reason (metro, traffic, weather).

This is a particularly impressive looking stand with police control and press boxes situated at the back.

What alternatives can I suggest that will both enforce our policy but not punish the staff, especially when other members of senior management can’t seem to follow it? Obviously if strict arrival times are truly necessary to the work of the organization, you shouldn’t do that — but if they’re not, you should encourage your management team to revisit why they’re so committed to the current policy.And that should be easy to do, because if the work really does require people to be there precisely by 9, then there should be work-related impacts that managers can point to — like “your client was left waiting for 15 minutes this morning” or “Jane was pulled away from her own work because she had to keep answering your phone” or “you missed a crucial team meeting this morning” or whatever the impact was.But it should be coming from their managers, not you.Away fans are normally housed on one side of the North Stand, towards the open end of the ground.This stand may be shared with home supporters, or if demand requires it, then the whole of this stand can be allocated providing just over 5,000 seats in total.

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It was built at a cost of around £15m and is located on the outskirts of Oxford.