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I am not sure why it was mentioned that Trent's wife left him. After leaving California and trekking to Brooklyn, New York Amber is ready to find a new life for herself.I guess it was to show that his wife could not handle him and his "business". At times, Amber for being a 32 year old women acted a bit immature. Her adventure starts with finding out the "cute" apartment she rented is really a barely standing apartment unit, and her neighbors are a drug addict and prostitute.

Amber takes the challenge though finds a job and tackles her apartment with refreshed ideas.I don't think a true mob boss would be so forthcoming with a woman he just met about his mob "business".He told her he killed people, that he dealt with cocaine. Trent kept telling Amber that he was at the top of the chain and her had other people who would take the fall for him.I especially liked at the end getting a little bit of the story through Trent's POV. the girl, or should we say woman did find the listing online..She finds a job as a waitress at a italian restaurant where she makes a fool of herself in the front of the mob..

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