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Then you will develop strategies for changing your approach to self-management and for building the personal capacities needed to achieve your most important goals.

Participants who apply what they learn from this brief seminar will look back in one year and 10 years with surprise at how much more meaning and satisfaction they have gained from their work. Christopher Day and Dr Gu Qing visited the APCLC from October 6-11, 2013.

Darren BRYANT, gave a paper presentation at the 15th Biennial Conference European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction on August 27-31, 2013, in Munich, Germany.

The topic is for school leaders and professionals from schools in Hong Kong and South East Asia, including Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia as well as international education leaders from the International Baccalaureate (IB), the Asia Education Foundation (AEF), the Institute for Research on Educational Development (IRED) and The International Institute for Development of Educational Administrators (IIDEA). Allan Walker led discussions related to intercultural leadership and leading world class schools. Philip Hallinger provided a focus on themes related to instructional and strategic leadership.

He is Senior Research Fellow at the Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership and Change (APCLC) at the Hong Kong Institute of Education.

He is also Adjunct Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, North East Normal University, China and In Holland University, The Netherlands. Dr Qing Gu is an Associate Professor in the Centre for Research in Schools and Communities in the School of Education of the University of Nottingham.

Kamontip Snidvong as well as developing teacher leaders by Dr Darren Bryant.Three specific macro-contexts are explored: national economic develop-ment, societal culture (focusing on the level of hierarchical power relations), and the level of standardization of the education system.The study employs a two-level hierarchical linear model to analyze data on 5,927 principals in 34 education systems participating in PIRLS 2006. This monograph argues that current imperatives to address the divide are compelling, for two reasons: first, the wasted resources involved in public and private investment in research that ends up on shelves, finds its way into academic journals and fails to penetrate schools to influence practice, is a cost that societies can no longer afford to bear.Their paper topic is We live and work in an era where more and more is expected of us at work, and where we expect more and more out of lives.Yet, the time needed to meet these expectations remains the same.

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Regardless of where you teach, student motivation is central to teacher (and student) success.