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The story of the Celts is one that links back to the earliest appearance of Indo-Europeans in Europe.

A date for the split is conjectural, but 3100-2600 BC seems likely (see the Indo-European page for a more detailed discussion).Then Bell Beaker decorated cup styles, domestic pot types, and grave and dagger types from the middle Danube are adopted around 2600 BC in Moravia and southern Germany, possibly as a result of trade rather than immediate migration.However, this material network could be the bridge through which pre-Celtic dialects spread into Germany.The difference between Q-Celtic speakers and P-Celtic speakers was mirrored in later progression, with the Latins regarding the P-Celtic-speaking Gauls to be an enemy that was to be ridiculed (as well as feared).In general terms, the Romans coined the name 'Gaul' to describe the Celtic tribes of what is now central, northern and eastern France, but the root of this name, and the possible origins of the Celtic/Keltoi name as a whole are explored in more depth in the accompanying feature.

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He also echoes Hubert's views that the survival to this day of so many Celtic names for important geographical features (such as the rivers Rhine and Danube) in what are now German-speaking regions points to the names being of indigenous form and of long usage.

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