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"In a language simple but yet profound, the master Osho indicates the art of 'dying' by learning how to live in the here and now, the eternal life." Content : In this question-and-answer series Osho talks on a diversity of subjects from science and meditation, personality and essence, to homosexuality, witnessing, salvation and silence.During these discourses, Osho's father and disciple dies, and Osho speaks on what this means for him.You can use actions and rhymes to get children involved in the story.For more story ideas, you could check out our storytelling videos. Stewart introduce you and your child to ‘Mook Mook the Owl’, ‘The Crocodile’, ‘The Old Lady and The Mosquito’ and ‘How the Years were Named for the Animals’.Osho takes the reader from subjects as diverse as food, jealousy, businessmen and enlightenment, to how to know if one needs a master, the barriers we create through fear, and gratitude. Content : A beautiful and simple introduction for those new to Zen.Commenting on eleven Zen anecdotes, Osho explores the spiritual search, speaking on emptiness and no-mind, knowledge and being; belief and trust, repression and truth; philosophy and religion, love and divinity; death and disease, happiness and living in the here-and-now. Osho has a no-mind to his comments, sudden bursts of insight, novel ways of putting together images so that you read in an enchanted wonder." Content : In this volume Osho comments on stories compiled by the Jewish philosopher Martin Buber.

Osho explains their view of sex, their concept of the body as a temple and their secret of surrender to God, to the Beloved, to "the essential man" who lives within us all.

You’re getting your child familiar with sounds, words, language and, eventually, the value and joy of books.

This all builds your child’s early literacy skills, like the ability to listen to and understand words.

"Osho continues publishing very good spiritual texts indeed. Osho helps the reader to face the reality of his own death without fear, and thereby living life to the optimum.

Originating in Poland around 1750, Hasidim sought a direct, spontaneous religious experience of life, and created a great tradition of laughing saints and wonderful stories.

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Your heart throbs in the same rhythm as the heart of the whole." This essential Zen reader is also about a number of other themes -- cowardice, boredom and restlessness, recognition and rejection, maturity and moving from the non-essential to the essential.