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The longest deals currently on the market, from the AA and Halifax, offer up to 30 months of interest-free spending.But they charge a hefty interest rate of 18.9 per cent after that – and campaigners have warned this long period of guilt-free shopping only encourages buyers to spend even further beyond their means.It represents an author who: To discover more about Diamond Level Membership, and all of the other membership levels at Ezine Articles, click here. Britain's surging debt binge is to be probed by Bank of England bosses amid concerns it could crash the economy.Labour MP John Mann, a member of the Treasury Select Committee, said: 'I'm pleased that at last the Bank of England is taking the issue of unsecured credit card debt seriously.'It's something that the Government seems unwilling to properly recognise, but the amount we spend on debt interest each year is rising and this is a serious issue that the Bank needs to get to grips with.'As lenders fight for business in an era of ultra-low interest rates, competition for credit card customers has become increasingly fierce.

The Bank yesterday unveiled a major review of lending practices and warned that the scramble to borrow ever-greater amounts of money was now a major risk to stability.

Chief executive Mike O'Connor said: 'Too many people are borrowing just to get by, struggling to save, working hard and finding it difficult to make ends meet.'He is calling for the Government to introduce a 'breathing space' scheme in which interest payments and bailiffs' visits are suspended for people who are struggling so they have time to get back on their feet.

Consumers spent £339million on plastic in January, the most recent month for which figures are available – the equivalent of nearly £11million a day or £455,000 per hour.

A previous study of the credit card market concluded by the regulator last summer found that hundreds of thousands of people were weighed down by persistent debt.

A total of 1.4million customers made no more than the minimum repayments on their credit cards for three years in a row, the City regulator has said.

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Step Change Debt Charity was contacted by a record 600,000 people seeking help in 2016.