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Dusseldorfdating com

Video Surveillance Improvement Law Improvements are in the eye of the beholder.This legislation gives the state greater latitude to use video cameras to monitor public spaces like city squares, stadiums, shopping malls and parking lots. Find your date in Dusseldorf and make friends online. Find other singles looking for friendship, marriage, relationship on our free online dating service and social network.() China wants to introduce a Social Credit System to rate its citizens’ trustworthiness.Unconcerned about privacy protection, the government is billing the project as a cure for all manner of economic and social ills. From now until Christmas, Germans can get daily lessons on how to protect themselves online by opening the doors of a virtual Advent calendar provided by anti-surveillance advocates.The law would require networks like Facebook to delete illegal content quickly or face punishing fines.Detractors argue that it could be used to suppress unpopular political views and that it transfers responsibility for determining what is protected free speech from the state to private companies.

() If German Justice Minister Heiko Maas has his way, platforms like Facebook will face fines for hosting illegal content.It came into force on May 5, 2017 in the aftermath of the Berlin Christmas Market attack.Detractors say it impinges on the rights of ordinary people and argue that video surveillance does little to prevent terrorism or help bring terrorists to justice.Telecommunications Data Retention Law If you think the English translation is a mouthful, try the German on for size: Gesetz zur Einführung einer Speicherpflicht und einer Höchstspeichterfrist für Verkehrsdaten. This law was supposed to require telecommunications companies as of July 1, 2017 to collect and retain user data and make it available for preventing crime and combating public dangers.But a local German court found that it is in violation of EU law, and Germany's Federal Network Agency says that for the time being it will not be enforced. Flight Passengers Data Law This piece of legislation requires airlines to collect and retain for five years information on passengers including their contact details, means of booking and payment and even choice of seats.

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In a rare direct statement, Facebook says it should not be tasked with "state responsibilities." () Politicians and NGOs say that a spate of security measures go too far and are beginning to impinge on personal liberty.

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