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Anyway, Classique is an interesting mix - it's clean soapy and dirty oriental at the same time! I actually wore this Putting up the Christmas tree.It feels very vintage (think of glamorous 50's Hollywood) but doesn't really translate dated either. I tested EDT and EDP side by side and preferred the EDT due to it's more pronounced spice and white floral aspects. I'm wearing this one as a switch up from my Angel Muse. I had this perfume years ago because my father loves the JPG cologne and thought it would be a great match for my mother.My grandmother actually gave this to me and told me to "give it a try", so I reluctantly did. It's not harsh or tacky, it's elegant and incredibly well crafted. All i could smell was star anise which i hate the smell of. While this is sweeter than I usually enjoy, it is clearly very well done. I will probably try to get a sample to retry several times and then formulate a better opinion. I picked it up again last Christmas for an absurdly low price and got happy spritzing it again. One spray is enough, 2 is the absolute maximum :) I wore this in 2000. He said he smelled like me because my smell faded on to him. When we broke up I would purposely spray inside his car with it when he left his windows down so he would think of me. Just my two cents so don't say I didn't warn you lol!! Also it puzzles me: in my part of the world I don't "smell" elderly people!There are mild spicy/woodsy notes that give it just the right amount of warmth, which blends beautifully with the sweetness of the florals and vanilla. Whilst I still love it, it hasn't born up well with my memory of it. I got this for a very cheap price, under half from it's normal price so I bought it. Looking back I do not regret it doing it because he would always call BUT I WOULD NEVER ANSWER. Perhaps it's a cultural thing in some part of the world?She never got around to opening the bottle, so she offered it up to me for a try. It's a bar-fight of florals and powder and a definite scrubber to my nose. This review is for the dry oil version as I haven't tested the perfume itself. It's floral for sure, but laced with spices that are prominent enough to make this scent interesting without making one sneeze.We marveled at the gorgeous female form and delicate peachy color of the bottle before I opened the box and sprayed on my arm (as did she). (This perfume's sillage to me feels like the equivalent of putting one of those heavily scented garbage bags over your head.) I will give props where they are due though--the longevity is legendary and ridiculously hard to shake. This is one of the only ginger notes I can stand, and that's probably because of how excellently it pairs with Classique's gentle sweet flowers and gummy anise note.I have no clue why I thought there was edt and edp of this frosted glass one.

But I just dabbed some on my hair, and I can't believe how nice it is, slightly powdery, clean smelling, softly sweet vanilla floral with a hint of something citrusy.At the beginning its name was JPGaultier Eau de Parfum and it was produced as eau de parfum.Now, it is called Classique and comes both as eau de perfume and eau de toilette.In the top notes delicate rose scent is spiced by fresh anis.Middle notes combine sweetness of orange blossom and exciting ginger, a powerful aphrodisiac.

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