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Cumbia ninja cannibal online dating

Completing a quest will often reward you with extra gold, experience and sometimes a weapon or piece of armour. Dark Blue: Fairly easy to kill but not very good exp. Most players on Shaiya thesedays tend to have spent a lot of money and time on their characters, and will be very strong.When you first start playing Shaiya, quests will be very important to you, and a good way of levelling up. If you want to Pv P to have fun, of course nothing will stop you, but bear in mind that you will only do negligible damage to other players, and die most likely in one hit.A death in NM means a loss of exp, depending on how good your “bless” is. At half bless, you will lose 0%, and it alters slightly depending on levels of bless between those two points.Hard Mode: A Hard Mode player receives 7 stat points per level, which offers more room for variation and to develop your own style.

Quests Quests are shown on the map by yellow diamonds, and completed quests indicated by blue diamonds. Don’t Pv P If you need to read this section of the guide, do not Pv P.Skills In addition to receiving stat points whenever you level up, you will also receive skill points.I have covered the fighter skill information in it’s own seperate , but I will touch on a few points here: Background info on Shaiya Bless bar The bar in the bottom right hand side of the screen is your Bless Bar, it is shared by everyone on your server’s faction. You will start to be penalized in attack power but will get great exp. You will have an incredibly hard time killing this mob and it will do extra damage to you.I’ll do my best to cover the basics of the game in general, and fighters in particular.Players who have played a lot of Shaiya before, or perhaps have played a fighter briefly before may want to skip onto the next post which covers fighters in more detail. First question which most people ask is why should they play a fighter? Fighter is an optimal choice for a first toon, because they can party or go independent easily, level quickly, have a quick learning curve, and are very strong at high levels.

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Easy Mode: Only use Easy Mode if you’re completely new to MMORPGs or RPGs in general, or have a specific aim in mind (to try something out for example).