Be2 online dating complaints on doctors xtrap not updating

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Be2 online dating complaints on doctors

Before forwarding the complaints to the appropriate agencies, IC3 collates and analyzes the data—looking for common threads that could link complaints together and help identify the culprits. Here are some tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of an online dating scam. It looked clean in the beginning, it provided a set of questions to evaluate your characters and gave score.Its only when I joined that only one ever really answered even a polite hello.. I decided to find him on Sugardaddy and found two different men,same profile, same boat, same home. You never shut down his sites, and wonder if the site itself is making up bogus men to hook poor women into joining.Millions of Americans visit online dating websites every year hoping to find a companion or even a soulmate.We have asked you to update your payment details in order to settle your account.Unfortunately, we are still unable to take any money from your credit card/bank account.And all the Be2 emails I received were others thanks me for releasing my photos to them! So I realized that if I uploaded a photo in Be2 and happened to click other's profile, Be2 would also notify that one I released my photo to her! This fraud would make you think someone is interested in you.I got to know this by replying email to a few members, but they told me that they didn't release photos or sent any emails.

The pictures you were sent were most likely phony lifted from other websites.

I thought that maybe a guy on Sugar Daddy might help my situation. It was too simple to find him on any site because he had what most women want, lots of money , home, boat,travel and a possible marriage, according to him.

Before I paid my fee I had at least twenty different men vowing for my attention. I am a paralegal so i I decided to check his name out. So I thought I would try to find him on another site. I put in my search information and low and behold another “JIM” same profile,same home but different man. I went directly to and sent them PROOF of this man who I spoke with on the phone and was leading me on. My complaint against Sugar Daddy is that you didnt even check it out.

When I finished register, it would provide a list of people that matches me.

Here was the end of the free trail, each click after that would sooner or later prompt the message to subscribe their premium membership.

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